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Funny Kids Book Author From Lancashire

Hi, I’m a Children’s Fiction Author from Lancashire. I write or author funny kids books for age 7 upwards and rhyming picture books for young children aged 4-7.

Funny kids books in a fantasy adventure library
A library that leads to a funny kids book fantasy world. I write funny kids books for children.

Future Funny Kids Lancashire Book Releases

In my upcoming funny children’s fiction book for age 8 and up, a teenage girl comes of age on a whacky adventure with her cousins and archaeologist grandad to find and escape from the dragon-like beast. A 30,000-word funny, action-packed, sea and jungle quest with nail-biting plot twists.

I am hopeful that the perfect publisher will contact me to provide the perfect home for my latest book.

R.K. Alker Children’s Author reading from the Fangazoo rhyming picture book

Coming Soon – Funny Kids Books Drawing Competition For Children

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I am available for bookings.

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School Visits

Available for reading funny kids books and talks


Book Clubs

Available for reading funny children’s books



Readings, demonstrations, cookery, possibly chillies and much more! (read on for an explanation)



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The Story of My Writing Journey

I have swooned to and from writing fiction for thirty years, but life always got in the way, mainly in a good way!

Beautiful Disaster

Just before my 50th birthday I suffered a serious knee injury whilst helping to save a life. A fair trade I thought – my health for theirs.

The silver lining was that whilst immobile I was struck by the irresistible urge to write for my children, and I began to write children’s books in verse.

My Kids Book Was Like Magic Beans

I have always loved the Julia Donaldson kids books and bizarrely I settled on a fantasy dragon-like beast whilst watching The Last Leg comedy programme on Channel 4 about the Koala Gala, and my ideas began to blossom geometrically.

I wrote a series of kids books in verse.

The Children’s Book Beanstalk

Then I was struck by the brilliant thought that I could combine two of the rhyming kids books into a plot. I began to pen a whacky action adventure in the funny children’s book category dominated by the amazing David Walliams and David Baddiel.

I sat in front of my notepad and laptop furiously dreaming the hours away as I lived the exhilarating adventure of the two sisters, their grandad and cousins against the menacing dragon-like beast. My heart was racing as I laid down chapter after chapter of this 30,000-word middle grade fiction book.

“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.” Terry Pratchett

The edit took much longer than the first draft, but like the late great Terry Pratchett said “The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.”

The Children’s Fiction Golden Egg

I have a funny and exciting kids fiction book for children aged 7-12, with the added benefit of helping me through the rehabilitation of my knee.

Pastures New

It has not been a full recovery in terms of my knee injury. It will unfortunately force a change of career. My greatest hope, my dream, my prayer for the continuation of my silver lining is that I can start a new career, at age 50 – a late bloomer in the field of children’s fiction books.


Some literature that is not in the category of Funny Children’s Books (and not from Lancashire!)


Funny kids books with a panda in a library
Funny kids books read by a panda in a library.

New Children’s Book That Helps Kids Fall Asleep Is Now A #1 Best-Seller.

Bedtime for us has been a challenge and any book that helps a child fall asleep is mandatory!


Why Reading the Same Book Repeatedly Is Good for Kids (Even If It Drives You Nuts)

Any parent knows that reading to your child is a source of growth and I read an article recently that recommends reading the same book repeatedly – even if it drives you crazy!


funny kids books in a fantasy world
Funny kids books in a fantasy world.

Children’s Book Grows Into a Tree When You Plant It

On the theme of growth. I was once one of the UK’s highest profile chilli growers and when I read about a book that grew into a tree I had to had to take a look.

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R.K. Alker is an author of funny children’s books from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom.


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