RK Alker the chilliman going from unknown to famous to a children's author 2

1: Chilli Beginnings

Chilli Choices: A Fresh Start

RK Alker Childrens Author once sat in waves of Manly Beach Australia and thought about chillies, surfing and chilli growing from Lancashire UK

7:00 am and the sun was reflecting off the water. My hair was slightly wet and chilli! as I sat slowly rising and falling on my surfboard in the warm waves of the clear blue waters at Manly Beach, Australia.

I was in paradise on the other side of the globe to rest, reset and re-energise.

“I could do this,” I thought.

“I could live here in Manly. Surf in the morning. Get the half-hour ferry into Sydney and after a day’s work in the city, come home and surf until sunset.”

Sydney opera house in the journey of RK Alker to becoming the famous chilli grower from Chorley from Lancashire UK

I was on a long holiday with friends in Oz.

They were all asleep in the hostel after a big night out. I had been out last night too, but I had caught the bug. I tend to get highly enthused!… and surfing had entered my soul.

It began at Bondi. I rented a board. I bought a wetsuit the same day and taught myself to surf. I was first up on the surfboard out of our travel group and was building on that. We had moved to Manly and were staying on the beach. How could I pass up the opportunity to walk out of the front door onto the beach and surf for the weeks we would spend there!

A roadmap showing a road to a chilli farm for RK Alker Children's Author from Chorley Lancashire

As I sat in the ocean, ahead of me on the distant shore lay the white beach, the coast road, the hostel; lay Australians, British and a dormant future in a vibrant and welcoming land. Ahead lay Australia and everything it had to offer.

Behind me was the vast expanse of ocean and thousands and thousands of miles, half the globe away, lay my home, my family and friends, but also lay a dormant future in the soul and soil of that sceptred isle. Behind lay Great Britain and a very unconventional future.

This was a fork in the road. A new life was opening here in Oz. A real fresh start of uncharted opportunity…

Dew drop or water drop on a chilli plant leaf in RK Alker's polytunnel in Chorley Lancashire7:00 am… Since that epiphany at Manly, I came to love the early morning sun.

As I stood, my hair was dry and warm. The sun glanced my face from the southeast, reflecting in the dew on the chilli leaves. In my polytunnel, the dew on the teardrop-shaped leaves shone like diamonds—humid, pregnant with life and potential.

I had returned home to the UK cleansed, regenerated and keen, and more importantly, I still had my crazy northern English hobby of growing chillies.

There is a simple, calming and affectionate beauty in growing. It soothes my soul.

Something was moving in my life. A seed was being sown. I loved chillies and in passion lies power…

There was calm, warm, oxygenated, sun-drenched treasure here—I just couldn’t see it yet…

and I was about to give everything to try to keep it!


How far can you get on a handful of chilli seeds and dirt RK Alkers amazing story of chilliman stardom rock star growerQ. How far can you get on a handful of chilli seeds ‘n’ dirt?


READ ON… Part 2: Polytunnel Chilli Passion



Part 1: Chilli Beginnings

RK Alker the chilliman going from unknown to famous to a children's author 2

Part 2: Polytunnel Chilli Passion

RK Alker the chilliman in his polytunnel growing chili plants and seeds as a famous children's author 2

Part 3: Chilli Leap of Faith

Chilli growing chili man jumping to freedom leap of faith across a ravine canyon valley

Part 4: The Foodie Community

Local food producer chilli growing chili man with food agencies selling chile products Chorley Lancashire England UK

Part 5: The Rock Star ChilliMan

Rock Star Chilli Grower Local food producer chilli growing chili man with food agencies selling chile products Chorley Lancashire England UK 2

Part 6: ChilliMan Press and Media

Chilliman Press and Media Stories F Word Lancashire Life for RK Alker Childrens Author The Chilli Man from Little Green Men Chorley England UK

Part 7: The BIG Chilli Greenhouse

RK Alker Childrens Author as the ChilliMan Chilli Growing in the BIG Greenhouse Little Green Men Chorley Lancashire Coast Best Selling International Writer UK

Part 8: Chilli Growing Instructions

Chilli Growing Instructions from RK Alker Childrens Author aka The ChilliMan in the BIG Chilli Greenhouse Little Green Men Chili Chorley Lancashire Coast England UK

Part 9: 999 Emergency Ambulances

RK Alker the chilliman on emergency 999 ambulances children's author of funny kids books Lancashire England UK


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Who is RK Alker Children’s Author?

My Grandad vs The Fangazoo RK Alker Childrens Author of Funny Kids Books from Lancashire England UK 5-Star Book Reviews and TestimonialsR.K. Alker Best-Selling Children’s Author was born in the UK, but he was MADE IN LANCASHIRE!

He is famous as the TV & Radio ChilliMan aficionado and a champion of local producers or “Food Evangelist!”

R.K. Alker has a career spanning more than 3 decades of university lecturing, content writing, UK 999 emergency ambulances, media and entertainment as the colourful TV ChilliMan which contributed to this hilarious children’s adventure book written for his kids.

RK Alker Children's Author award winning Chilliman Little Green Men 5-star book reviews testimonials primary faith school author visits reading funny kids books England Lancashire Day Press Media chilli grower foodie community big greenhouse
Do you remember this funny entertainer? The ChilliMan was on all the TV & Radio Stations!

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RK Alker is an author of funny children’s books from Chorley, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Earth!

His little girls think RK Alker is the Best Funny Kids Author in the World.

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R.K. Alker is also The Chilli man from Little Green Men, a master of The Ancient Lancastrian Art of Ecky Thump! and can be found on Instagram, Blogger.com & Yell