RK Alker the chilliman in his polytunnel growing chili plants and seeds as a famous children's author 2

2: Polytunnel Chilli Passion

Chilli Growing—How far can you get on a handful of chilli seeds ‘n’ dirt?

RK Alker Childrens Author holding a green chilli in his polytunnel growing as the chilli man from little green men from chorley lancashire England UKIt’s not quite Jack and The Chilli Growing Beanstalk, but from a handful of chilli seeds and dirt I grew something amazing, which, if I am completely honest, I do not believe was purely down to me. It was so good, such fun, so popular and exhilarating that it just could not have come out of me!…

Indulge me as I reminisce about those halcyon days of chilli growing. I have put together a digital scrapbook of my unusual life story as the ChilliMan from Little Green Men. It was EPIC FUN! On the ride of my life! Doing something that I LOVED!…

I hope you enjoy it!” 😊

In Terms of Jack and The Chilli Growing Beanstalk:

There was no prize cow for sale, but I gave up a lot to pursue my love and passion for chilli growing, and put a lot in!

There was no weird merchant or trader with magic chilli beans… or was there? This explosion of chilli plants, knowledge and meteoric rise was not of my own making.

No one did this. There was no rulebook, case study or information on how to jump from a career as a university lecturer and digital (IT) consultant to a chilli grower! They called stuff like this “off-grid!” Weirdos did it! But, if I was going to be a “weirdo,” I was going to be a first-class weirdo and go for it full-bore! I made it up as I went along, and it was like being sat in a rocket—it was super-fast, high-flying and it worked!

A Passionate Hobby Will Fill Your Spare Time

RK Alker Childrens Author eating a funny Joes Long Cayenne chilli as the chilli man from little green men from chorley lancashire England UK

I was just some guy that loved chilli growing. The chilli plants and varieties had snowballed from my windowsill to a little greenhouse to a big polytunnel on my land at the back. It was bursting at the seams with lots of interesting varieties of chilli.

Day by day I learned about chillies and chilli growing, and here’s the thing: I did not think I was an expert. But, if someone does something long enough, with passion, has a thirst for knowledge and acts and improves on that knowledge, at some point they will have acquired more knowledge than most. I was at that point.

The Lens of Gratitude

Photographers use different lenses for different effects and produce very different photographs. I view food through a particular lens, and it alters my experience…

I colour the enjoyment of food by appreciating the love, time, commitment and elements that go into producing them. I know the opportunity cost, the high toll, the volume of your life that is poured into your crop and products.

Sometimes when I eat something, I pause. I am drawn to reflect and gratefully savour the energy of the grower, the plant and the beauty of nature honed into the production of the fruit or vegetable. The world was created by an architect of such passion and beauty. What a grower! What a chef! I just love holding that moment in anticipation and savouring the taste.

Just imagine the same situation whilst picking garden peas: the sun glowing, searching down low in that cool, sweet oxygen. The water trickling, feeding the bushy, beautiful green plants. Open the pea pod, close your eyes and savour the cool, sweet, juicy peas directly from the pod.

This mindset deepened my passion for growing. My passion for food. My passion for cooking. And fanned my desire to break free!

The Chilli Growing Leap of Faith

Chilli growing chili man jumping to freedom leap of faith out of a plane into a field of chillies in Chorley Lancashire England

Of course, we never really leave the rat race. We just enter a different race. One boss or a hierarchy is supplanted with even more bosses in terms of customers.

That said, I really had something here. I loved what I was doing. Chillies were fun to grow and cook with! They were the BAD BOY! of the food aisle! The searingly hot ones needed to be handled with ⚠️caution!

No one was doing anything with chillies on the food circuit. There was a gap in the market. I was the first, and it represented a fun challenge for my rapidly expanding hobby.

Passion is enticing and addictive. It beats deadlines and bosses every time! I spawned a hair-brained idea to leave the rat race, go off-grid and do what I loved for a living!

To follow my heart would require a leap of faith!

Some things I had been doing merged as the catalyst for my jump to freedom!…

READ ON… Part 3: Chilli Leap of Faith



Part 1: Chilli Beginnings

RK Alker the chilliman going from unknown to famous to a children's author 2

Part 2: Polytunnel Chilli Passion

RK Alker the chilliman in his polytunnel growing chili plants and seeds as a famous children's author 2

Part 3: Chilli Leap of Faith

Chilli growing chili man jumping to freedom leap of faith across a ravine canyon valley

Part 4: The Foodie Community

Local food producer chilli growing chili man with food agencies selling chile products Chorley Lancashire England UK

Part 5: The Rock Star ChilliMan

Rock Star Chilli Grower Local food producer chilli growing chili man with food agencies selling chile products Chorley Lancashire England UK 2

Part 6: ChilliMan Press and Media

Chilliman Press and Media Stories F Word Lancashire Life for RK Alker Childrens Author The Chilli Man from Little Green Men Chorley England UK

Part 7: The BIG Chilli Greenhouse

RK Alker Childrens Author as the ChilliMan Chilli Growing in the BIG Greenhouse Little Green Men Chorley Lancashire Coast Best Selling International Writer UK

Part 8: Chilli Growing Instructions

Chilli Growing Instructions from RK Alker Childrens Author aka The ChilliMan in the BIG Chilli Greenhouse Little Green Men Chili Chorley Lancashire Coast England UK

Part 9: 999 Emergency Ambulances

RK Alker the chilliman on emergency 999 ambulances children's author of funny kids books Lancashire England UK


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R.K. Alker has a career spanning more than 3 decades of university lecturing, content writing, UK 999 emergency ambulances, media and entertainment as the colourful TV ChilliMan which contributed to this hilarious children’s adventure book written for his kids.

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