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Funny Books For Kids

Funny Books For Kids By A Big Kid

Child Laughing At Funny Books For Kids by RK Alker Lancashire Children’s Author

I write funny books for kids. I had a serious injury that prevented me from moving around. I had an amazing idea to write a funny children’s book for my children. I had thought about becoming a children’s author for a number of years – would you believe I narrowly missed writing a funny book for nearly thirty years!


Children’s Books – How Did I Become A Children’s Author?

I was always inspired by children’s authors like Julia Donaldson. I love reading Julia Donaldson’s children’s books to our young children. David Walliams’ kids books are a keen favourite of my older nieces and nephews and the Roald Dahl children’s book collection has pride of place on our children’s bookshelf. It was an absolute pleasure to write firstly children’s rhyming picture books for age 4-7-year-olds and secondly, a funny kids action-adventure book for age 7-12-year-olds.


Child Laughing At Funny Books For Kids by RK Alker Lancashire Children’s AuthorFunny Children’s Rhyming Picture Books For Age 4-7-Year-Olds

I sat with my notepad and laptop and began to write my first funny book for kids. The excitement and enjoyment of both the journey and completing the funny children’s reading book made me realise that I wanted to be a children’s author, and it did not stop there. I wanted to fill the kids’ bookshelf with my work and I wrote a number of children’s books.


How I Wrote My Funny Book For Kids Aged 7-12 Years Old

After I had completed my children’s picture books in verse, I had the startling notion that I could combine two of the books into a plot for a longer fiction book for children aged 7-12 years of age. I sat down and began to write, and it was so enjoyable, so much fun, that I could not put the book down. It did consume quite a bit of my time, but where was I going to go? What would I do? I was immobile with a serious career-changing knee injury. Inside of a month I had the first draft ready to edit.


Child Laughing At Funny Books For Kids by RK Alker Lancashire Children’s AuthorFuture Funny Kids Lancashire Book Releases For Age 7-12-Year-Olds

My funny children’s book is now ready to publish. In my upcoming funny children’s fiction book for age 7 and up, a teenage girl comes of age on a whacky adventure with her cousins and archaeologist grandad to find and escape from the dragon-like beast. A 30,000-word funny, action-packed, sea and jungle quest with nail-biting plot twists.


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I am often interested and inspired by the work of other authors and I found some interesting articles on the web.


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