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Drawing Competition For Kids

Drawing Competition For Kids

Drawing competition for kids colouring in some paper for RK Alker funny kids authorSign Up To My Newsletter to be the first to hear about the upcoming drawing competition for kids (and adults.) Further competition details are discussed below:

Child drawing in a drawing competition for kids child painting on some paper for RK Alker funny kids author

Drawing Competition For Kids

The drawing competition for kids will be to produce pictures, paintings, drawings, even models (photographed) about the dragon-like beast in my latest book and/or the characters:

  • The sisters
  • Grandad
  • The cousins
  • The dragon-like beast


My hope is that we can inspire the next generation of artists, writers or artist authors.


Kids Drawing Competition Age Limit

The children’s drawing competition will be open to all ages – including adults.

Any style of art is permitted.

Submissions will be in the form of online photographs or scanned images.


Kids drawing competition drawing on some paper with a red pencil for RK Alker funny kids authorThe Prize For The Drawing Competition

The children’s drawing competition prizes will be the publication of the drawings in my new book. Each winning child will receive an autographed copy of the book and an artists credit in the book.


It Could Be Your Child That Wins The Competition

It is my plan to have art representing a wide age range of children which means a child of any age could be a competition winner in this kids art competition.


The Top 19 Art Contests for Kids and Teens

Children are entering and winning drawing and art competitions all the time. If you want your child to enter this art competition:

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There are international art contests for kids and teens and this competition is a great place to start to get their work out there.

Look here for a taster of my upcoming book release that will be the focus of the kids drawing competition.


RK Alker Children’s Author is a funny writer of children’s fiction books from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom.



Drawing is a form of visual art in which a person uses drawing instruments to mark paper or another two-dimensional medium.