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Kids Comedy

Kids Comedy

Kids laughing at Kids Comedy written by RK Alker Comedy Author, Lancashire, England, United KingdomMy kids comedy journey began somewhere in my youth in Lancashire, England. I don’t know when my “funny button” was installed, but I began to look at the world in an unusual way, and the other kids seemed to like it at school.


Writing Kids Comedy

I wrote funny stories as a child. I got noticed for it. My English teacher encouraged me to write children’s comedy stories and said that many of my funny stories had an amazing twist in the tail.


Kids laughter at Kids Comedy writing by English RK Alker Kids Comedy Author Lancashire, England, UK

Kids Comedy Show

TV comedy shows must have had an influence on me. I look back with great affection to the whacky TV Comedy shows of my youth such as Tiswas.


Sense Of Humour

My sense of humour evolved as child and I have fond memories of comedy shows like The Goodies and Kenny Everett as a child.


Kids Comedy Movies

Children’s comedy movies, popcorn and a carton of orange juice would be the top billing recipe for a day at the cinema to watch a funny kids movie like The Goonies.


Laughing Child at Funny Kids Comedy written by British RK Alker Comedy Children' s Author, Lancashire, England, United KingdomMy Comedy Kids Books

My comedy children’s books did not really start out funny. They started out as poems or kids books in verse, but something happened along the way whilst writing my children’s adventure books. Someone pushed my “funny button” and the 30,000-word action-adventure book came to life and became quite funny.


Laughing Out Loud

I found myself laughing out loud at the situations the kid characters and grandad got themselves into. My new comedy kids book was a real joy to write and I am looking forward to publishing it and writing my next comedy book for kids.


Welcome To Comedy World

So, may I take this opportunity to welcome you to my children’s comedy world. I hope you find your own “funny button.” If you are interested in buying my book please register for the newsletter below and you will be informed when my children’s comedy book is launched.


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Welcome To Comedy Club 4 Kids

When a parent or child buys one of my kids’ comedy books, they gain free entry into my comedy club 4 kids. It is a children’s comedy club that takes place in your comedy mind, inside your comedy head like a children’s comedy show or children’s comedy movie playing in your head as you read and enjoy the funny book.


Professor Describes The ‘Comedy Of Errors’ Of His Children Crashing BBC Interview

As an ex university lecturer myself, I found it very amusing to see a university professor’s comedy moment on a BBC interview. He was talking in a live, serious interview on TV. I remember seeing this comedy moment on Facebook as the professor spoke, the door behind him opened and his kid picture bombed or video bombed the interview! To add to the comedy, his wife crawled in on her knees to try and grab the funny kid and pull the child back out of the room. Unfortunately, the funniest part of the streaming video clip was that his crawling wife thought she was below the filming area of the camera, but she wasn’t! We saw the poor man’s TV appearance turning into a brilliant comedy moment – absolutely Hilarious!

I hope you find my funny kids books absolutely hilarious too.


Laughs and Hugs

R.K. Alker


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RK Alker comedy writer is an author of comedy children’s books and funny poems based in Lancashire, England, United Kingdom.