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Children’s Author

Children’s Author

Children’s Author RK Alker talking about his love for children’s books as a childrens author Lancashire
Childrens Author Humour from Lancashire, England

Children’s Author Lancashire is the beginning of my story, of my dream – of my legacy. I love writing children’s books and hope to one day rank amongst the great children’s authors. I believe it is good to have a writing goal.


Children’s Authors Lancashire

My dream is to be mentioned alongside the great children’s authors in Lancashire. I believe it is not only good to have a writing goal, but essential. I am a proud Lancastrian. My flat cap, pipe and whippet take pride of place over the hearth of my log fire containing a bubbling pot of Lancashire Hotpot! I am of course joking, but not, not ever about the Lancashire Hotpot! …Or am I?


Children’s Author Visits to Schools

I hope one day to be on the fabulous list of kids’ authors that visit the schools and brighten up the lives of the schoolchildren with a funny and uplifting storytelling action-adventure. My hope as a writer in the schools, amongst the schoolchildren, is twofold:

  • Firstly, fun and adventure, and
  • Secondly, to spark the imagination, to ignite the fire for writing, the furnace of a young author and set a child on the journey to becoming a children’s author, as I once did.


List of Children’s Literature Writers

Children’s Author RK Alker talking about his love for children’s literature as a childrens author Lancashire, England
Children’s Author Literature from Adventure Packed Lancashire, England

I sometimes cringe at the word ‘ambition’. I am not sure why entirely, but I try to soften the word to ‘goal’ when I talk about what is clearly my ambition as an author – oops! – I mean goal as a writer. Either way I have them – I have hope for my writing in bucket loads.

My goal, my hope, my dream is to one day find myself on a popular list of children’s literature writers.


The Best Children’s Book Authors

For me, the best children’s book authors make us laugh. These children’s authors take us into a realm of the imagination where we engage with the characters in the children’s book, live the journey, the challenges and relish in the exhilaration and excitement of the book journey. Exciting and funny kids’ books are at the core of my interpretation of the best children’s book authors.


Kids Author Goals

Kids’ author goals are great. I think it is important in life to have something to aim for, and even better to actually achieve it in the end. The focus, the hope, the direction it provides is the lifeblood of children’s writing, the positivity in children’s literature.


Beverly Cleary, The Beloved and Possibly Immortal Children’s Author, Has Turned 103

If I could come close to, just touch the very tip of the stretched sunset shadow of a famous children’s author my soul would soar stratospherically. Someone like the great American author Beverley Cleary, creator of Ramona Quimby, her big sister Beezus, their neighbour Henry Huggins, and his scrappy dog Ribsy.


Author Turns Children’s Learning Disabilities into Superpowers

Children’s Author RK Alker talking about his love for children’s books about children's learning difficulties as a childrens author Lancashire, UK
Children’s Authors can change the lives of children with speech problems

I wrote a book once. My first children’s book. It was to help a child with a speech problem. I researched the speech correction methods and formed a strategy to combat a mispronunciation.

I authored a children’s story about an animal that had a speech problem and its animal friend provided a journey in which one animal helped the other to cure the speech problem.

I read it with the child and lo and behold – it only went and actually worked for the child! Therein lies the true satisfaction of being a children’s author, the warming reward of helping a child.


Kids Author Success

What a joy! What a relief! What a true achievement! Hopefully, without sounding too conceited, I suppose you could say that this author turns children’s learning disabilities into superpowers!


Childrens Author

I sometimes cringe at the missing apostrophe in the phrase “childrens author.” It is a common misspelling for those looking for children’s authors or is it childrens authors! Either way – if you were looking for R.K. Alker Children’s Author from Lancashire, you have found me – WELCOME!

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