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Childrens Author or Children’s Author?

Childrens Author vs Children’s Author Spelling

Children’s Author vs. Childrens Author by RK Alker Children’s Author from Lancashire, England, United KingdomObviously the correct spelling is children’s author, but for speed and sometimes big fingers on little mobile phone keypads some plump for childrens author. The apostrophe is absolutely correct.

R.K. Alker Children’s Author from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

Richard Alker is a funny children’s author from Lancashire. In my latest 30,000-word funny children’s book for age 7 and up, a teenage girl comes of age on a whacky adventure with her cousins and archaeologist grandad to find and escape from the dragon-like Fangazoo beast. A 30,000-word funny, action-packed, sea and jungle quest with nail-biting plot twists.

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Internet Spellings of Childrens Author

Children’s Author or Childrens Author written by RK Alker Children’s Author from Lancashire, EnglandThe internet is a funny place. Sometimes we let our spelling slip a little. I often wonder about the history and development of spelling and writing. The English language is tricky. I wonder how you came by this blog article of mine on Children’s Author spelling? Was it by apostrophe or not?

What About Kids’ Author?

I doubt that apostrophe gets much of an appearance on kids author search bar entries around the world either.

Are We Bothered About Childrens Author vs Children’s Author?

Children’s Author and Childrens Author authored by RK Alker Children’s Writer from Lancashire, United KingdomMaybe one day I will launch The Great British Apostrophe Armada!

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Childrens Author is deliberately misspelt in this article

I do know that Childrens Author is Incorrect and Children’s Author is the Correct Spelling

…so please do not contact R.K. Alker Childrens Author! – although misspelt opens up a whole new avenue of discussion…


R.K. Alker Children’s Author from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Earth.