Christmas Book – What Should I Buy? An English Xmas Story

Christmas Book

Female child reading a Christmas book with her Christmas toy with RK Alker Children's Author of Funny Kids Books
Christmas book reading is a joy!

What Children’s Christmas Book Should I Buy?

Choosing a Christmas book for a child can be an exciting and daunting shopping adventure.

An English Christmas Story

Shopping for kids’ books at Christmas reminds me of my days as a chilli grower, when I sold my artisan chilli products at the Christmas events and markets across the country. It is a lovely time of year with the snow on the ground, hot food and drinks and the hustle-bustle of the pre-Christmas excitement in search of presents for family and friends.

A Christmas Carol

Christmas Book market in winter with snow and market stalls with RK Alker Children's Author of Funny Kids Books
The beauty of a snowy Xmas Market

It is also a tiring time of year for busy event and market traders and they are always in my thoughts at this time of year. Times became incredibly hard in the height of the recession. This is not A Christmas Carol or an Oliver Twist story, but it could be for some of the sellers of Christmas books and goods in the marketplace – I hope they make enough for the kids’ Christmas presents this year.

Christmas Books for Kids

My upcoming children’s funny Christmas book will be about the dragon-like Fangazoo and a bunch of kids and their grandad faced with the beast after a resort holiday gone wrong.

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A Kids’ Christmas Book About Dragons

A Personalised Christmas Book Being Read by a Little Girl with RK Alker Children's Author of Funny Kids Books
Christmas books personalised

I was very pleased and encouraged to see that John Lewis took on a dragon theme and merchandising this year. It was a total Christmas book sell-out and our kids will love the Christmas story book and the associated toys.

When is the 2019 John Lewis Christmas advert out and who will be in it?

The John Lewis Christmas advert signals the beginning of the Christmas book shopping rush and this year they have outdone themselves with the endearing excitable Edgar the dragon.

Christmas Book Personalised

Personalised Christmas books can include everything from highly polished books published with your name in the story, to books made from hobbycraft items. A truly beautiful gift to give or receive from a loved one this Xmas.


Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th December each year.

Some people celebrate by singing Christmas carols at churches, in groups and door-to-door to bring the joy of Christmas and a little bit of Christmas love to the doorstep of those in need or socially isolated.

A Christmas Carol Book

Christmas would not be complete without Christmas carols and what better present than a Christmas carol book to cherish and reuse every year at this most joyous time of year.

Brass Band Xmas Music

Christmas Book Brass Band Playing at an Xmas Festival in the snow with RK Alker Children's Author of Funny Kids Books
A Warming Christmas Brass Band

There is something very special about a brass band playing Christmas music. Imagine a glass of mulled wine, the cold December air and snow on the ground as we listen to a rendition of Silent Night. Could there be a more perfect, warming experience than the beautiful music and those you love by your side.

A Christmas Book Festival

As I write I am transported back to Ulverston Dickensian Festival one snowy winter. I had travelled north to exhibit at the festival and sell my artisan chilli products as the Little Green Men Chilli Farm from Chorley in Lancashire.

It had been a long three days over a Christmas weekend serving many happy customers. I was almost spent and then the brass band began to play a few feet away. The warmth of the music soothed my soul and almost brought a loving tear to my eye as watched the last light fade into the hills and the glow of the Christmas lights reflecting off the polished brass instruments.

My Funny Kids Christmas Book Present

What would I like for Christmas?

I would simply like to be able to offer you my book this Christmas. To have my funny kids’ book illustrated, bound and published for you to buy as a children’s’ gift this Christmas. I would love to perform the school visits and read at book clubs and church groups up and down the country.

But, alas I cannot – circumstances have conspired against me and I have missed the bumper Christmas sales season.

Christmas Book Sales

Christmas book sales are a key event in the booksellers calendar and I will have to wait until next year before I can stand with a glass of mulled wine, talk funny kids books and sign copies of my funny children’s book for young readers to take home and place on their kids’ bookshelves and listen to at night as a children’s bedtime story or read under the bedcovers with a torch.

Wishing you all a VERY Merry Christmas

Love from

The Alkers


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