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Funny Kids Christian Books

Funny kids Christian books and The Bible being read by a child with RK Alker Children’s Christian Author from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
A child reading the greatest Christian non-fiction book – The Bible

Was my overt intention to write funny kids’ Christian books? No, it wasn’t. My intention was to write funny children’s picture books in verse or rhyming picture books for my children whilst I recovered from a serious knee injury sustained saving a life. I have always been a fan of children’s picture books in verse like the Julia Donaldson kids’ picture books, but something happened along the way.

Christian Funny Poems

My journey began with poems. The kids’ poems evolved into funny poems which were intended for the kids’ picture books I had dreamt about writing.

Reading Funny Christian Quotes and Jokes

I have spent many hours reading funny Christian quotes and funny Christian jokes on the internet and those Christian jokes flying around social media. It is part of who I am. I am a Christian. I like funny things. Therefore, Christian humour appeals to me, it is reflected in my writing and I wrote a number of rhyming picture books for children aged 4-7-years-old.

Funny Christian Short Stories

Kids shoes and wedding rings on The Bible with funny kids Christian books written by RK Alker Christian Children's Author from Lancashire, England, UK
Christian writing nurtured in the early years of Christian children

My funny kids’ Christian books are gift not only to children but also to God. I honour God in everything I do.

What happened then? Divine inspiration? I like to think so. I was struck with the incredible idea to combine my kids’ picture books in verse into the plot or blueprint for a children’s short story. What a fabulous idea it was! My funny kids’ Christian books are aimed at tweens or tweenagers.

Tween Fiction

What Age is a Tweenager?

It is generally agreed that children aged between 9 and 12 are tweens or tweenagers. They not quite teenagers yet – they are inbe”tween”.

Children’s Books with Christian Values

As I said I am Christian and I like funny things. As the story began to pour out of my head onto the page, part of who I am, what I believe, what I value, fell in there too. The book was exhilarating to write, it was fun to take the adventure with the kids and their grandad on this fantasy, coming of age adventure and as God features in my life – it featured in theirs too.

Christian Children’s Books UK

In my latest book, a teenage girl takes an action-packed adventure with her cousins and archaeologist grandad to find and escape from the dragon-like Fangazoo.

It is a funny Christian kids’ fictional adventure set in England (and elsewhere!) The children and their unusual grandad embark on an adventure, which like most of the great stories is sprung upon them at the very last minute.

What Type of Christian Children’s Author Am I?

If I had to put myself in a box, it might say: R.K. Alker Children’s Author is like a Christian David Walliams.

I would sit in that chosen children’s book category or genre i.e. the author I would place my book next to on the kids’ bookshelf or bookshop shelf or bookstore children’s bookshelf. My hope is to avoid the label of seeming conceited here. My funny kids’ Christian books are simply that: funny and whacky and they contain what occurs to me as the missing element – faith in God and respect for God and Christianity.


To be advised of the launch of debut novel.

In my upcoming funny children’s fiction book for age 7 and up, a teenage girl comes of age on a funny action-packed adventure with her cousins and archaeologist grandad to find and escape from the dragon-like beast. A 30,000-word funny, action-packed, sea and jungle quest with nail-biting plot twists.

Christian Fiction

Funny kids Christian books and The Bible with a heart on it with RK Alker Kids' Christian Author from Lancashire, England, UK
The Bible – The book with love running all the way through it

I did not intend to create a Christian fantasy fiction novel for middle-grade or age 7 years and above, but that is how the book took shape as I lived the adventure and I have to say I am really rather pleased with it.

Funny Christian Quotes

My funny Christian kids’ books are not filled with funny Christian quotes. They are filled with funny situations and the Christian attitude and approach to relying on God and love in all situations. Of course as in all the great Christian stories in The Bible: God or Jehova finds a way where there appears to be no way – faith in God and Jesus wins the day!

Funny Christian Children’s Literature

Themes in My Funny Christian Kids’ Books include:

  • Faith and trusting in God’s wisdom and timing.
  • Love. The self-sacrificial love of a grandparent. Love and faith in crisis situations. Love for an enemy.
  • Greed and evil motives.
  • A positivity mindset all of its own which will become apparent.
  • Coming of age and survival teamwork.
  • The value of research. Learning from unusual beasts and the medical cures they may unlock.

Funny Christian Gifts

Maybe you are shopping for funny Christian gifts? What better gift than the gift of laughter to children and maybe also the gift of laughter to the parents reading their child one of my funny kids’ Christian books as a bedtime story.

Funny Christian Jokes

I will leave the funny Christian jokes to the Christian websites and Christian social media feeds. My strength, my fun, part of the adventure for me is the hilarious situations that I find my funny kids’ Christian books’ characters getting themselves into.

Best Sellers in Children’s Christian Humor Fiction

Oh, I pray that it may one day happen. I ask God regularly for guidance and the opportunity to feature amongst the best sellers in children’s Christian humour fiction books, novels and poems. And I am not without ambition…

Christian Fiction Authors

Funny kids Christian books and The Bible with a page shaped into a heart on it with RK Alker Christian Author from Lancashire, England, UK
Love and Marriage – beautiful writing themes

R.K. Alker Funny Kids Christian Author – The Funny Christian Children’s Writer

My ambition is to one day be mentioned as a kind of Christian David Walliams – what an honour that would be – everybody has to have a dream!

Best Christian Author

I cannot become a top Christian author without first being published. I am awaiting my perfect opportunity with the perfect publisher that can provide the perfect home to my funny kids’ Christian books.

Christian Fiction Books

Maybe God directed you to my Christian webpage or Christian blog post. If you have made it this far into my writing maybe you are the one – I do hope so.

Publishers please get in touch.

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R.K. Alker Funny Kids Christian Author


Some categories I hope to find myself in some day include:


Christian Funny Quotes

Maybe one day I will find myself included in some Christian funny quotes – hopefully in a funny “good” way!

Funny Christian Books

My books are funny, but not only that, they are fun and exciting. Why not take a look and

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Christian Joke Book

Maybe someone will find me worthy enough to list my jokes in a Christian joke book.

Best Sellers in Christian Fiction

To be placed alongside the great writers of Christian fiction of our age would be an honour like no other.

Best Christian Authors Fiction

Fiction is what I do best, apart from rhyming picture books, oh and being a Dad, oh and maybe occasionally saving a life on the UK 999 NHS Emergency Ambulances. Read my book, see if you agree!

Christian Books for Children

My books were borne out of the love for my children and I began to write my funny kids‘ Christian books for my children whilst I was injured. My hope is that other children may begin to enjoy my work also – that is, if you parents agree of course!

Children’s Books with Christian Values

Christian values are at the heart of everything that I do and write. They are the foundation for a good and honest life of service to God, to others and to people we have not even met yet! How better to introduce yourself than with a funny children’s Christian book.

Best Sellers in Children’s Christian Values Fiction

If I could be listed amongst the world’s best children’s Christian value fiction authors I would be beyond ecstatic.

25 Children’s Books to Teach Your Kids Meaningful Values

Lists of the best books to teach Christian values or meaningful values are of great importance and use to parents. I hope that one day someone may feature me amongst the stars of service to society that write these incredible Christian books.


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