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Funny Kids Books by RK Alker Children's Author displaying his love for children’s books as a English childrens writer writing humorous children's books from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom Tel. 01772970190Bedtime stories and storytelling online storytime by me: RK Alker funny kids author. It’s like an online video and streaming kids audio book.

I will be telling kids or children’s stories online. All you need to do is log on to the platform I will be using. More details explaining this are below:

You will be able to follow a storyline online and view my storytelling hour on my storytime YouTube channel (Click Here).

R.K. Alker Children’s Author storytelling live with the tale of the Fangazoo – the poem that inspired the 30,000-word funny kids action-adventure book.


When it’s storytime for you – it’s story time for me. The videos and audio files are saved online. Simply look me up on my:

and listen to my storytelling on line.


Bedtime Stories & Storytelling online and storyline online with RK Alker funny kids author story time

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Bedtime Stories & Storytelling online and storyline online with RK Alker funny kids author story time

5 Min Stories

5-minute stories at a regular showtime for children to enjoy at bedtime. Hopefully you will agree there are some great bedtime story telling online resources for you.

The bedtime stories are recorded and recorded live. Therefore, kids can watch my storytelling live anytime and learn by watching on demand streaming videos on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

I want to offer fun, excitement and maybe bring a cheeky smile, maybe even a laugh to the faces of young bedtime story viewers, just like my own beautiful kids.


Bedtime Stories for Young Brains

Kids’ young brains soak everything up and retain it – unlike my finely tuned 50-year-old mind! I think happy bedtime stories, perhaps exciting and hopefully funny for kids to enjoy, at bedtime, and all day long are great. Maybe you agree? If you do, maybe you would like to…


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I will be producing a storyline of stories that follow on from each other. So make sure you stay tuned and come back to listen to the next stories with me.


Thank You

Can I just say a heartfelt “Thankyou” to every single one of you. I do appreciate you following me and taking the time to listen and engage with my children’s stories.


Bedtime Stories & Storytelling by RK Alker Funny Children’s Book Author & Kids Storyteller from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom.


My little girls think I am the Best Funny Kids Author in the World.


Storytelling is the social and cultural activity of sharing stories.



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