Children’s Author FAQ

Children’s Author FAQ

RK Alker Children’s Author writing FAQ frequently asked questions for funny children’s book writing as an author of funny kids books from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Tel. 01772970190Please find below my children’s author FAQ or frequently asked questions.

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How to become children's author

1. Be good enough at English and Creative Writing to write a funny children’s book.

2. Get inspiration and a brilliant idea for a funny book for kids.

3. Read, read, read as many kids’ books as you can in your chosen field of children’s fiction or kids' writing genre.

4. Start writing that award-winning funny book for children. Will your funny book into existence. Write a children’s book plot or just ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ and see where the kids' book writing journey takes you.

5. Read and reread you kid’s book. Edit your funny children’s book and keep improving the kids' book until you cannot improve any further.

6. Consider a proof-reader or an editor for your funny book for kids.

7. Take the plunge to try and hook a children’s literary agent, children's book publisher or even self-publish your funny kids' fiction masterpiece.

Who is the best children's author?

The title of best children’s author is a subjective matter. Roald Dahl has endured for generations as a number one kids author. Julia Donaldson and David Walliams are doing incredibly well as the kids’ author stars of our time.

I would like to say that R.K. Alker is the best children’s author one day, but according to my children – RK Alker is the best children’s author – I can’t argue with that!

Who is the best children's author in the world?

R.K. Alker is the best children’s author in the world according to my little girls! Of course, there are kids’ author mega stars out there – I am climbing the Google rankings to that number one children’s author spot.

Who is the best children's author of all time?

R.K. Alker Children’s Author now ranks number 1 on Google as a children's story writer alongside the mega stars of the writing industry. Watch my children’s writer videos to see how my funny kids’ books ended up so very highly ranked in the children's writing industry.

Children's author visits

Children’s author visits can take the form of:

1. kids’ author visits to schools,

2. kids’ author visits to churches and church groups,

3. children’s youth group author visits and

4. children’s bookshop visits and

5 .kids bookshop children’s author readings.

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Children's author website design

I can legitimately state: RK Alker Children’s Author is Google World Number One!

The very successful results of my children’s author website design, SEO, online web ranking and online marketing skills are on display for all to see. I was runner up finalist for Tourism Website of the Year and have carried those skills into the design of my kids’ author website.

I have made a path to the very top. I offer you the opportunity to follow in my footsteps. That search engine optimisation (SEO) and online success can happen for you too - with my help.

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Children's author workshop

I offer:

1. children’s author workshops,

2. eLearning courses,

3. workshops and

4. training

to get your website to the top of Google for children’s books, funny kids books and writing children’s books.

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I will talk to you about your author online marketing hopes and dreams and see if I can help.

*Whilst writing funny books for kids I achieved Google World Number One for over thirty children’s author categories and Google Page One for over fifty more kids’ author categories.

I succeeded in doing this for and now I offer to do it for you, or show you how to do it for yourself.

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Warmest Regards

R.K. Alker Children’s Author

RK Alker Childrens Author writing FAQ frequently asked questions for funny kids book writing as an author of funny book for kids books from Lancashire, England, UK, Tel. 01772970190

RK Alker is an author of funny children’s books from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Earth!

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My little girls think I am the Best Funny Kids Author in the World.

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