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CV RK Alker Funny Kids Book Author peering through some chillies in his greenhouse in Lancashire, England.
R.K. Alker Author has led a life less ordinary – a life of service.

CV RK Alker – I have always tried hard to aim for the highest possible level, to perform at my best – to push the limits in offering service to the people, to the country and to my industry.

  • Serving Education – University student became master and I taught at the highest level.
  • Serving the Growing and Food Production Industry – My hobby blossomed into growing chillies and making artisan chilli products at the highest level.
  • Serving the Food Industry – I was a Local Food Evangelist championing local food producers at the highest level which gifted me appearances…
  • Serving the TV, Press and Media at the highest level.
  • Serving The Sick and People in Need – The Health Service – I progressed into serving the people of this country and for the last 5 years I have been saving lives at the highest level – directly on the front lines of the NHS.

Follow my CV journey from:

  • Lecturing, financial services, project management, social media and web design
  • Exploding onto the scene as the Local Food Evangelist Chilliman from Little Green Men Chilli enjoying TV, Press, Media and Awards…
  • To charity work and public services dealing with situations no-one else will…
  • Culminating in saving lives on the front lines…
  • Then an injury saving a life, and…
  • The beautiful and exciting journey into writing funny children’s books for my kids whilst injured and immobile.

CV RK Alker Author writer of funny kids books and funny author of childrens fiction from Lancashire, England T 01772970190

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R.K. Alker is a funny children’s book author from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Earth!


Funny Kids Books

RK Alker Children’s Author writes Children’s Fiction from Lancashire. RK Alker funny author writes or authors funny kids books for age 7 upwards and rhyming picture books for young children aged 4-7 years.

CV RK Alker Further Explained

I have a compelling story of triumph over tragedy. I wrote funny books for my kids as I recovered from an injury sustained helping save a life – surprisingly it was my kids that saved my life!

I Am Looking For A Publisher For My Latest Book

In my upcoming funny children’s fiction book for age 7 and up, a teenage girl comes of age on a whacky adventure with her cousins and archaeologist grandad to find and escape from the dragon-like Fangazoo beast. A 30,000-word funny, action-packed, sea and jungle quest with nail-biting plot twists.

For A Publisher

See my Press Page also.

CV RK Alker Author as The Chilliman from Little Green Men Chilli eating chorley chilli chutney as his job
RK Alker Author as The Chilliman – Local Food Evangelist

With a potential children’s book publisher in mind, I thought about the business process and asked myself:

  • Should I do something different and new with a book? – Something digital and physical – an interactive project perhaps? (tbc…)
  • What would a publisher look for in addition to a good manuscript?
  • How could I help alleviate the risk of taking on a new funny kids author?
  • Where is my evidence of good sales, publicity, use of the internet and social media?
  • Can I deliver at book events, public speaking and workshops? – Dealing with the general public and potential fans.
  • Why would a publisher select me for this task?
  • How could I help in this process?
  • Where is my gripping personal story?
  • How should I showcase my experience? My good sales, press and media history?
  • Am I a safe bet from an interactive and promotional point of view?
  • Can I generate new, interesting, exciting and crowd-involving ideas and projects?

I hope this CV RK Alker Page in unison with my Press Page answers those questions for you and draws you closer to publishing my books.

SEO, Internet Rankings and Social Media

I am on page one of Google for over a hundred categories and appear next to the best children’s authors. I have improved my SEO or website ranking skills that helped me to the finals of Tourism Website of the Year detailed in the Press Page.

My “CV RK Alker” Illustrates That I once had a chilli dream…

Press and Media Promotional Package

CV RK Alker Author in his funny job as the chilli grower from Little Green Men Chili in Lancashire, England
RK Alker Author – A chilli grower with a difference! A Champion of Local Producers.

I have a useful mix of promotional skills which catapulted me into high level media.

As a university lecturer, business owner and trainer I have delivered thousands of public speaking engagements.

As the very fortunate recipient of high-level press and media attention I have broad experience of:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Broadsheets
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • National Shows and Events, and
  • YouTube productions and social media blogging.

Funny Children’s Author – CV RK Alker

My hope is that my funny children’s books and funny kids writing will find their way onto the children’s bookcases and kids bookshelves worldwide and that I may one day rank amongst the great children’s authors of the world.

Funny Children’s Books – CV R.K. Alker

I hope children will laugh at my funny children’s books so hard that they seek out my interactive online storytelling and bedtime stories which are like storytime online. I hope that the children’s bedtime stories bring a smile to kids’ faces, maybe a children’s chuckle and perhaps a big kids’ belly laugh as they hear me read aloud the funny children’s books and bedtime stories from Lancashire, England.

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R.K. Alker Author is also known as Richard Alker, Chilli Rich the Chilli Grower, The Chilliman from Chorley, The Little Green Man from Little Green Men Chilli Farm – A Champion of Local Food Producers, a British Food Evangelist and Local Food Evangelist from Chorley, Lancashire, England, Great Britain, United Kingdom.

My little girls think I am the Best Funny Kids Author in the World.