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Emergency 999 Ambulances

6 Years of Service Helping 6,000 Patients on the Emergency 999 Ambulances

Emergency 999 Ambulances RK Alker Children’s Author Grower Cook Food Evangelist Chilli Grower Children's Entertainer Dad Emergency 999 Ambulances NHS Keyworkers witha child and a stethoscopeIt has been a privilege and an honour to serve the people of this country on the Emergency 999 Ambulances for North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust for the last 6 years.

Thank You to Keyworkers, Volunteers & NHS Staff

Emergency 999 Ambulances Applause for Keyworkers NHS by RK Alker Children's Author Cook Grower Food Evangelist 999 AmbulanceI would just like to show my appreciation and gratitude to NHS Staff, Keyworkers, Volunteers, Emergency Services, Carers, All Business Support Staff and Anyone Else I Have Missed during the onslaught of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

I would like to say a heartfelt thankyou!

Words like that meant a lot to me in my time “on the road” in the best British Ambulance Service.

COVID-19 Coronavirus

After contracting a particularly unpleasant respiratory illness at work two years ago, I believe it is a brave, brave thing the NHS staff and keyworkers are doing and have been doing since the inception of the NHS.

I think it is fantastic and long overdue that the light is shining on the real stars of the show!

Captain Tom Moore

I think the mood of the nation has been captivated by our beloved national treasure Captain Tom Moore and the unrelenting and immense support he has received in his heroic attempt to raise £1000 for the NHS and instead raising enough funding for a hospital!

Captain Tom’s Just Giving Link is HERE

What Did You Do on The Emergency Ambulances?

Emergency 999 Ambulances RK Alker Children’s Author Grower Cook Food Evangelist Chilli Grower Children's Entertainer Emergency 999 Ambulances NHS Keyworkers holding a stethoscopeEverything from the beginning of life – delivering babies, through trips, falls, breaks, cuts, bruises, road traffic and major incidents to life-saving work at the end of life.

In my 6 years “on the trucks” I have met and helped many people. I calculate that I may have helped a thousand people a year! Until I wrote this article, I did not consider that I have been fortunate enough to help around 6,000 PEOPLE!!

If we do the maths:

  • 6,000 people/60,000,000 UK Population x 100 = 0.1% of the UK Population

We work in pairs on an emergency ambulance. I managed, with my crewmate, to help 0.1% of the UK Population!

I am delighted to carry those figures into the next chapter of my life.

Behind the Scenes Emergency Ambulance Service Work

I have additionally, performed part-time roles to keep the machinery of the ambulance service moving. Some of the unseen crucial roles that keep those front line 999 emergency ambulances and rapid response vehicles on the road:

  • I managed the ambulance and RRV (Rapid Response Vehicle) fleet deep cleaning.
  • Was fortunate enough to be accepted into the North West Ambulance NHS Trust Charity Ambassador Group.

North West Ambulance NHS Trust Charity Ambassador Group

My involvement in the North West Ambulance NHS Trust Charity Ambassador Group was due to my numerous suggestions to the NWAS Charity Development Manager for improvements, children’s education and involvement and fund generation ideas. His greatest compliment for me was that he agreed that our “Great minds think alike!”

North West Ambulance NHS Trust Charity Link is HERE

Delivering Babies is the Zenith

For me, there is no greater privilege and pleasure, than to be allowed to be present at the beginning of life, at the birth of a child. I have helped deliver babies and witnessed the amazing first breath and cry of a new-born baby!

Letters of Commendation

I have shining letters of commendation from patients and very senior managers and solicitors, all of which are incredible, but pride of place must go to the letters about patients that were found dead on our arrival and later walked from hospital to enjoy their invite back the big party, or life as we know it!

Happy Emergency 999 Ambulances Memories & Balancing Memories

I had so many good experiences alongside the more difficult parts of the profession. My injuries and final exit from the ambulance service did not play out as planned. An unhealed knee injury sustained helping a patient, brought an ending to a distinguished career that was as abrupt as it was sad and difficult to accept.

Self-Healing of the Heart & Mind

I chose to write this article as a source of self-healing. To draw out the good, celebrate the achievements and remember that:

  • I stepped up and helped the deserving people of this fine country of ours one-by-one, irrespective of finances, race, sexuality, addiction, disability or prisoner status, sometimes in multiple numbers in the more difficult situations, but generally one impossible task at a time!
  • Incrementally, over the period of six years, that unrelenting help has amounted to 6,000 people and 0.1% of the UK population.
  • Add to that the beauty of babies being born into the world and dead people walking out of hospital!
  • And if that isn’t a metaphorically great big happy elastoplast to whack on my dicky knee! – I don’t know what is!!
  • I chose to walk in the footsteps of the greatest man that ever lived – I took up my cross and followed him.

…I could ask for no greater epitaph!

So It’s Goodnight from Me!

Emergency 999 Ambulances RK Alker Kids Author Grower Cook Food Evangelist Chilli Grower Children's Entertainer Emergency 999 Ambulances NHS Keyworkers smiling in full uniformSo, to those in the resplendent green of the ambulance service, whizzing up and down on blue lights, I say “Au Revoir!” and an erudite “Vaya Con Dios!” you are always in my thoughts and prayers – especially at this most trying time in our history.

And the Future?

Now this amazing emergency 999 ambulanceman journey has ended. We once again venture into the unknown. Take a look on this website. Make your own judgement. Looking at my track record – could amazing things happen AGAIN??!!

I am most definitely up for it! – Just watch this space!!…

R.K. Alker Children’s Author was a proud member of North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust 999 Emergency Ambulances for 7 years.

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Who is RK Alker Children’s Author?

My Grandad vs The Fangazoo RK Alker Childrens Author of Funny Kids Books from Lancashire England UK 5-Star Book Reviews and TestimonialsR.K. Alker Best-Selling Children’s Author was born in the UK, but he was MADE IN LANCASHIRE!

He is famous as the TV & Radio ChilliMan aficionado and a champion of local producers or “Food Evangelist!”

R.K. Alker has a career spanning more than 3 decades of university lecturing, content writing, UK 999 emergency ambulances, media and entertainment as the colourful TV ChilliMan which contributed to this hilarious children’s adventure book written for his kids.

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Do you remember this funny entertainer? The ChilliMan was on all the TV & Radio Stations!

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RK Alker is an author of funny children’s books from Chorley, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Earth!

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