Funny Books for Kids FAQ

Funny Books for Kids FAQ

RK Alker Funny Children’s Author showing children a funny books for kids FAQ from Chorley, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Earth! 01772970190Funny books for kids FAQ is where you will find a couple of normal answers to frequently asked questions amongst some really daft answers which I hope you find funny.

Find Below My Funny Books for Kids FAQ

My kids books are funny. My life is funny. Even my clothes are funny.


How to write a funny book for kids in 5 steps

Step 1. Write a funny kids book proposal and outline for a funny children’s book

2. Write the funny book for kids

3. Get major publisher for the children’s funny book

4. Promote and launch that kids’ funny book

5. Get a community activated around that funny book for children

What are funny books to read?

The latest book by R.K. Alker children’s author is the funniest book he has ever written!

RK Alker’s funny kids book is so funny that the book may have to be broken up into parts and placed in secure locations, never to be assembled as a whole book because if someone was to read it in full they may be seriously injured from the uncontrollable and unstoppable laughter that would result!!

Are funny people smart?

Funny people are smart, very smart.

R.K. Alker funny writer of book for kids is so smart, when he graduated from university he won the university prize and went on to lecture at university in economics, business and MBA!

How funny are you?

R.K. Alker (me) is so funny that when they take his comedy children’s book away and place it in isolation to protect the public from ever seeing it whole and prevent the subsequent uncontrollable laughter that may result; when they come to hide the funny kids book, they are probably going to wipe his mind to forget he ever wrote the funny book and place him in field so that when he wakes up he will think he was abducted by Little Green Men which will conveniently fit with his previous existence as the Little Green Chilliman chilli grower from Chorley, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Earth!

Can funny be an adverb?

Not really, although, the way that the English language is slipping down the toilet, greased by things like SMS or text-speak, it is not entirely inconceivable that funny will be an adverb, but not spelt funny, but some ridiculous smiley thing or gif!

In short, no, funnily is the adverb.

Try saying “funnily enough” it means that you expect people to find something surprising!

Oh, hang on, no, I mean yes, yes funny can also be an adverb sometimes, oh no, that website might be wrong, sorry, erm – funnily enough, it’s an adjective!

Funny is definitely an adjective.

Can funny be a verb?

Right. OK. My message is clearly not getting across regarding the whole funny being an adjective situation.

Right, listen. Funny can be defined as providing fun or laughter, amusement, comedy, pleasure and enjoyment.

If there are no smiley gif things left, based on the decay of societal norms and the general malaise of certainly the UK situation regarding the inexplicable dilution and loss of word meaning, then I suppose funny could end up being some kind of weird, smiley, animal toy-like treat thing that might be received in the post, that is, if the UK postal service survives.

Who's funny in your house?

I am funny in our house, me, RK Alker FUNNY Kids Author – the clue is in the name!

That said the girls are quite funny and the TV is too, oh and so is my wife.

However, with this situation looming about the whole kidnapping of the book and a potential memory wipe (+ the hush-hush dump him in field and leg it scenario) on the cards, I am leaning to the proposition of denying any funniness or funality or weirdly amusingness on the giggle front and painting my house, the interior and all the fixtures and fittings a dull shade of grey and wearing grey flannelette clothing to avoid detection and the capture of what is a pretty cracking book I have written!

Why funny guys are the best?

Because grey flannelette itches? I don’t know – I just write the books!

Are funny guys hot?

I tell you, if you wear that grey flannelette for any period of time and you munch on some of the red hot chilli peppers I used to grow you get HOT!

So yes, funny guys can be undeniably hot!

What funny things can I ask Alexa?

Alexa, tell me a joke!

Alexa, what is the value of pi?

Alexa, is Siri your life partner?

Alexa, if you and Google had a fight, who would win?

Alexa, can you rap?

Alexa, your mother was a hamster!

Alexa, what happens if you cross the streams?

Alexa, drum roll please!

Alexa, I love you!

How Did I Get Started Writing Funny Kids Books?

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