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Library Author Visit FAQ

FAQ frequently asked questions for primary faith school author visits by a Childrens Author Lancashire England UK

Frequently Asked Questions for Hosting an Author Library Visit—R.K. Alker Children’s Author

This Children’s Library Author Visit FAQ Frequently Asked Questions is to help libraries and museums plan their timetable and timeline for a children’s library author visit.

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How should the library advertise the author day?

*The library will need to know the content of the presentation or workshop.

*This allows the library to promote it to the correct audience.

*Such as passing on to local schools to include in their weekly information or newsletter for parents.

What does the library need for social media and website advertising?

*An appropriate image for the workshop

*A statement or blurb. I aim for 35-50 words and sometimes produce both:

*A 35-word blurb, and

*A 50-word blurb

What age range can the library expect for the author day?

*It is always best to focus the age range of the author day.

*Schools divide the children into Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

*Sometimes there are subdivisions of those key stages into upper and lower.

*Be prepared for an audience of mixed age ranges!

What will R.K. Alker want to know about parking and unloading?

*Make parking arrangements clear.

*Have a backup of other potential parking areas, in case those areas are full.

*If parking is limited and patrolled, consider close parking or loading bays to unload and transport heavy presentation and display equipment and books.

What will R.K. Alker want to know in the children’s library author visit orientation?

*Read “The Perfect Library Author Visit Example,” article.

*Plan to show the key places in the library and technology, such as staff room, toilets, somewhere to hang a coat and get changed, and

*The author visit workshop or presentation area.

What will R.K. Alker Children’s Author need in terms of technology?

*Some libraries have a PC, projector and screen.

*A PC or laptop running Microsoft Office or 365 that can run the latest PowerPoint presentations. *Some libraries have no projector.

*In this case, RK Alker will need a screen or wall suitable for his own portable projector and laptop.

What should I do if the library does not have a projector?

*Contact R.K. Alker Children’s Author to inform him he needs to bring his own projector and laptop.

*RK Alker will need a screen or wall suitable for his own portable projector and laptop.

What photographs and video will R.K. Alker Children’s Author want from the children’s library author visit?

*RK Alker likes to write social media and website articles about successful author days in libraries, museums and schools.

*Take as many images as you like. Action shots are brilliant, especially ones that show:

*Workshops and presentations in action with both RK Alker and the audience.

*Laughing and fun engagement with the children.

*Prize giving. *Book signing.

*Anything interesting that people will enjoy and engage with on social media and the internet.

What should the library do about safeguarding images of children taken in the library?

*Follow your own procedures. These can include:

*Get written and signed parent or guardian permission for publication of images of children.

*If there are safeguarding concerns at your library, it is important to check which children are in the photographs before publication and gain consent from the parents and guardians for the use of all the children’s images.

How should the library manage the workshop competition?

*The presentation and workshop will inspire children to take part in the workshop competition.

*Arrange a suitable date and time for final entries.

*Make clear the date and information method to announce the winners.

*Plan a date, time and location for awarding the prize(s).

How should the library manage book signing and sales at the successful children’s library author visit?

*Children will be enthused and excited by the author day and be very interested in borrowing or buying a book.

*Some people will attend the library intending to purchase a signed copy of the author’s latest book.

*Help the author make sales to cover the costs of attending your library to provide a library author visit.

*Book sales help fund the author’s publication costs of their next book.

*Have a table and chair available for R.K. Alker Children’s Author to perform financial transactions and sign and dedicate books to the children.


RK Alker funny childrens author at his book signing inspiring young readers and writers at a Library Author Visit Example meeting at the perfect primary school author day Fangazoo Lancashire EnglandLibrary Author Visit FAQ further information can be found in this article:

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