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Private Demo Area

Private Demo Area – RK Alker Children’s Author

Private demo area showing an Image of foxy the mascot for RK Alker funny kids author a writer writing funny fiction books for children from Chorley Lancashire England Uk Tel 01772 970190Private Demo Area is for potential schools, clubs, events, church groups, customers, publishers, viewers and subscribers granted access by R.K. Alker Funny Kids’ Author.

In this private demo area you will find examples of children’s author videos, content, images, books and materials.

Children’s Author Zoom Call Reading of “Grandad” – Private Demo Area Example

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R.K. Alker is a funny children’s book author from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom.

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I am available for bookings.

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School Visits & Zoom Calls Reading Funny Kids Books

I offer school visits as zoom calls during COVID-19 restrictions.

Available for reading funny kids books, talks and workshops.

Book Club Visits Reading Funny Children’s Books

Available for reading funny children’s books.

Author and Funny Kids Book Events

Readings, workshops, demonstrations, cookery, gardening, possibly chillies and much more! (read on for an explanation)

Contact me in sunny Lancashire for further details

R.K. Alker Funny Children’s Christian Author reading from the Fangazoo children’s rhyming picture book

Private Demo Area – RK Alker Funny Kids Books

RK Alker is an author of funny children’s books from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Earth!

My little girls think I am the Best Funny Kids Author in the World.

R.K. Alker is a Famous, Funny, Celebrity Children’s Author, Grower, Cook, Local Food Evangelist and an injured 999 Emergency Ambulanceman. His love for growing chillies made him the country’s highest profile chilli grower, champion of local producers and star of TV, radio and press.

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RK Alker is an author of funny children’s books, a famous chilli grower, cook, local food evangelist and food and drink event specialist from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Earth!

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My little girls think R.K. Alker is The World’s Best Kids’ Author.

R.K. Alker is also The Chilliman from Little Green Men a master of The Ancient Lancastrian Art of Ecky Thump! and can be found on Blogger.com