Thanks For Your Donation

Thanks for your donation!

Thanks for your donation from RK Alker Children's Author with some kids laughing and having fun dressed as 999 emergency ambulance people sayingThanks for you donation again!! I am constantly amazed by the generosity of people that I meet

…and almost meet like yourselves!

With your help we are going to get this book published, despite these dark times.

I love this image of me and my girls.

These little girls gave me focus and ambition during my darkest hours.

Ironically, when I was injured, it was my kids that saved my life!

This is who I wrote this book for – for kids, for all the kids.

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Thanks for you donation again!

Rich x

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RK Alker is an author of funny children’s books from Chorley, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Earth!

R.K. Alker is a Famous, Funny, Celebrity Children’s Author, Grower, Cook, Local Food Evangelist and an injured 999 Emergency Ambulanceman. His love for growing chillies made him the country’s highest profile chilli grower, champion of local producers and star of TV, radio and press.

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My little girls think R.K. Alker is The World’s Best Kids’ Author.

R.K. Alker is also The Chilliman from Little Green Men a master of The Ancient Lancastrian Art of Ecky Thump! and can be found on